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An important rule here at Aquarian Leather…

Inside details



…you’ve got to pay as much attention to the inside as you do the outside.  What’s the point of having a great looking bag if you dislike the inside or can’t use what is there?  This is the minimal and functional inside of our slim computer bag.  Pretty.  Or handsome.  Whichever you prefer.

I’m not usually particular about being all matchy-match but…

Sample line

…when it looks this good together, it’s pretty hard to resist.  Just need all the matching luggage-type pieces for my imaginary rail travels (just watched Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited and admired the matching set of luggage the brothers were using!).


Reworking an old model


New tote

I needed a new bag for the fall.  I’ve always  liked a bag we’ve had kicking around but I wanted it a bit bigger to hold my computer and, well, it just needed some tweaking to be exactly what I wanted.  I’m not really adept at making patterns for new designs but I did want to try to alter an existing one.  This is the result.  Pretty damn pleased, if I do say so myself!  Now that’s three bags in my collection in this fantastic equestrian-style plaid!  And a computer sleeve.  A girl likes to match her accessories sometimes…

We hate to gush…so we’ll let others do it for us!

Sahara cognac

Some kind words from a gentleman who bought one of our Sahara briefcases:

I received the briefcase today and I must admit that I’m impressed! It’s one of those cases where the photos don’t do the actual product justice.  The colour is much richer than in the photos you sent and the leather felt just the way I imagined. Smooth and supple, but not lacking substance. The brass hardware is solid especially on the removable carrying strap and has the perfect reserved sheen I like. Lots of character and everything looks to be nicely put together….I’m happy to say the bag exceeds my expectations and I think I got a bit of a steal. I’ve seen American made briefcases for similar prices. They are well made, rugged and fine products but lack the refinement I was after.  Great job!

Aww, shucks!