Our Workshop


The workshop is the place where ideas are conceived, tools are picked up and pieces of leather are sewn together. Mass production is unheard of here. Much of the work is done by hand. In this workshop, some tools are still used that few people can even identify these days (never mind use).

The workshop exists in the name of quality. Quality of design. Quality of materials. Quality of workmanship. Few leather manufacturers aspire to this any more. Even fewer are willing to customise. In this workshop, custom work is carried out on a daily basis.

At Aquarian, patterns are still drawn on tables, prototypes are constructed by hand, and designs are developed with clients through trial and error.

All of the design is original and custom made, so working by hand right from the start is the only method possible. It ultimately leads to bags and other products that cannot be reproduced easily or cheaply. It also leads to bags that look and work like they should.

Hides are delivered to the workshop, and they take up space in almost every corner.

The hand tools we use every day are rarely seen in leather manufacturing any more. Moon knives allow for the most detailed, skilled cutting of leather. Of course, they can also lead to lost fingers if used incorrectly. Compases, awls, measurement tools and other items are everywhere—they are only seen in workshops where things are always done right. Note the absence of any cookie cutters. Everything is tailored to the exact needs of the client.