What We Do

At Aquarian Leather, we design and manufacture a wide range of bags and accessories for clients who all have the same fundamental demands. Our customers want luxurious products that are built to last.

Durable Design

We design our items in a timeless style that doesn’t fall out of fashion easily or quickly. Virtually everything we make is custom-designed for our clients. We work closely with them from the beginning of the process to decide on which leather and hardware to use, and the exact specifications the product will have.

Most of our work is done in small quantities. Some of our clients also demand limited-edition, numbered bags that are truly unique. The result is that our bags are like no one else’s.

We don’t want to be a part of the throwaway culture, where six-month-old items are discarded in favour of something new. Our designs are inspired by classics that look just as good now as they did many years ago.

When we see a customer carrying one of our bags that’s been with them for a long time, it makes us proud to know we designed something that that doesn’t contribute to the disposable society.

Durable Products

Then we manufacture those items carefully, with the highest-quality materials and to exacting standards. We don’t mass produce anything.

Leather often comes not from mass-production factories, but from boutique tanneries that produce leather in small batches and in environmentally responsible ways. The result is leather that is of higher quality, lasts longer and doesn’t look like all the stuff you find in chain stores and other mass-market retailers.

We work hard to build our products to last. To give you just one example, the thread we use isn’t technically thread. It’s classified as a type of cable. So even after heavy use for many years, you won’t find the stitching on our bags unravelling, fraying or deteriorating.

Our small workshop has sewing machines in it, and a few other types of machines, but much of the work is still done by hand. Some of the bags we produce simply can’t be made with a machine. And unless hands are doing much of the actual work, quality will slip. We won’t stand for that.

The methods we use have largely disappeared from North America. There aren’t many people left who know how to build bags the way we do. For more on this, visit Our Workshop and watch the videos about us. They’ll give you a sense of why our products are so special, and why this level of quality is no longer easy to find in this part of the world.