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A staple for your kitchen…coming soon to our online shop



For years, we have been the manufacturer of THE most special aprons available. The original seller has moved on but we feel it’s far too good a product to let it go. So…available soon in our online shop is the denim apron (with washable leather! Yes, really!) that also works as a knife roll. In other words, the kitchen workhorse. Here you see it modelled so handsomely by James Sorichetti, executive chef at Artful Dodger Cafe & Music Emporium in Regina, Sask.

Stay tuned…you’re going to want one.

Check here for availability under “for the home” :  www.sorichetti.ca

Some items coming down the line

Grey line

This lovely grey is going to be one of THE hot colours for women this Spring.  Don’t believe me?  Well, check this out:  http://www.pantone.com/pages/FCR/Default.aspx?season=spring&year=2014&pid=3

Then come back soon and check some of the other colours we were bang-on with for the upcoming season that we’ll be posting pictures of soon.  Time to get some different colours in your life!