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New Men’s Messenger

Here is a back shot of our new Men’s Messenger.  It’s small yet roomy and made in the most beautiful, buttery soft veg leather.  You can see the zippered pocket; it also has a couple inside pockets, one of which is big enough to hold an iPad.  The shoulder strap is adjustable and removable.  It has a tuck-lock closure.

The finished product!

And here it is.  Finally!   The red looks even better than I thought it would with the cork.  And yes, that one in the back is different.  I found a red strap with a crocodile print embossing that was long enough to cut into two handles and just enough extra leather to make one up.  I like that red with the cork even better.  So I’ve claimed it.  Now, besides being quite light in weight, cork is as durable as leather, environmentally friendly and naturally water repellant.

New customized pocket

So now my iPad mini has a home!  The worry with a larger tote is that things will get tossed around, possibly damaged by the other stuff we all inevitably cart around.  And if I don’t feel like bringing the iPad everywhere, I will have a place to put something else; something else that I might need to know it’s whereabouts and can find it without even looking inside the bag!  Oh, and that little strap hanging down the inside on the left?  Handy little hook for my keys…no more wasting time searching for them, shaking my bag to try to locate them!

The inside-out final step

This particular style of bag is built inside-out while the lining is built right-side out separately.  All that is left to do is turn it carefully (there is a trick to it!) and glue the lining inside.  One last stitch and we are done!

Nearly there…a bit more stitching to be done

We are nearly there!  You can almost tell what the bag will look now!  Well, I can.  Unfortunately, I will have to wait until Monday to see the finished product.  It’s hard to be patient, especially when its so close to being done.  Do you see what I mean about the thread colour and how it pops right out?  I’m happy I went with the sand and with the nickel finish hardware.


So the next big decision would be hardware–do I go with nickel or gold?  If the red was warmer, with orange undertones, I would go with the gold but since its cooler, with blue undertones, I will go with the nickel.  But then, everyone has their own preferences.