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Aquarian Leather—The Film

Aquarian Leather from David Michael Lamb on Vimeo.

This film offers a look inside the Aquarian Leather workshop, so you can see how we do things, and more importantly, why we insist on holding true to values that most other companies left behind years ago. Aquarian Leather’s owner, Ferruccio Sorichetti describes what’s imporant to him when he and his team design and manufacture handbags and other leather products. The way they do things isn’t cheap and it isn’t easy. But it is timeless, luxurious, and of the highest quality. Oh, and it’s Canadian.



One of the most common questions people in the creative industries get asked is, “Where do your ideas come from?”

Sometimes it’s hard to pin down. But other times, it’s specific and clear.

In this video, Aquarian’s owner Ferruccio Sorichetti describes how he came up with the idea for an iPad case that acts like no other.


Turning a bag


This video demonstrates the delicate and skilled process of turning a bag. Most of our bags are made inside-out. There’s no other way to make it look right. So once the bag is built, it has to be turned so it’s rightside-out. It’s not easy, but Aquarian’s owner, Ferruccio Sorichetti, makes it look that way.